Words are powerful. The simplest ones can express the most giant of truths. The perfect combination will speak volumes – in only a few phrases.

Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right ones – we know our ideas better than anyone else, but still the perfect combination seems to elude us.

Words aren’t my only love – I’m also fascinated by the online landscape. I use my knowledge of what works for online audiences every time I craft content.

Stories matter. Let’s make sure yours is heard.


I’m Hannah, and I’ve loved stories for as long as I can remember.

As I grew up, I discovered that I also had passions for media, design and the online world. I’m lucky enough to have melded these passions into a career.

As Coordinating Editor at My French Life™, I oversee the coordination, strategy, development and performance of our online magazine and community. I imagine and reimagine what our magazine can be and offer, while riding the exciting wave that is the disruption and development of the media landscape.

When I’m not living my dream 9 to 5, I am a content crafter for many publications, people and brands. I contribute content to a range of online platforms, curate my own personal blog, and help entrepreneurs give words to their vision as a copywriter.

Scroll down to find out more about how I can help you, or visit LinkedIn to discover more about my experience and education.


As a journalist I uncover truths and craft stories that delight and engage.

As an editor I finesse words to bring a brilliant story to life.

As a copywriter I distill the essence of a business, idea or purpose in words.

To all of these areas I also bring my expertise as a content strategist and online media savant. Put simply: I am passionate about ensuring that content performs, spreads and achieves goals.

As a Coordinating Editor, the success of our online magazine is on my shoulders – I’m immersed in this world seven days a week. I don’t only work in the media; I understand the business of media.

You know your audience best; I’ll listen to your expertise so that I can understand them too.

Together we’ll craft content that speaks to your visions, and their dreams.